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SiriusXM Broadcasts “Tinseltown Travelogue”

An audio documentary my wife and I produced entitled Tinseltown Travelogue is now being broadcast by SiriusXM as a two-hour special. Please check it out at SiriusXM.

Hollywood Reporter Covers Tinseltown Travelogue

The Hollywood Reporter covers Tinseltown Travelogue. Not an accurate depiction of the project, but you can check it out here.

Newsweek Covers Tinseltown Travelogue

Newsweek covered the launch of Tinseltown Travelogue. Check it out here.

Tinseltown Travelogue

Our firm, Inform Ventures, launched a long-form journalism platform for Breitbart News with the publication of Tinseltown Travelogue – an exploration into the relationship between Hollywood and Middle America. Check out the story and audio documentary here.

Music Industry Sues Stream Ripping Website Spotlighted in My Story

In a recent long-form story for Breitbart News, I introduced readers to “stream ripping”- applications and websites that allow users to download songs (for free) from music streaming sites like YouTube. The article followed the success of USA for Africa’s famed song “We Are The World” and explained how stream ripping was having an enormously negative effect […]