Music Industry Sues Stream Ripping Website Spotlighted in My Story

In a recent long-form story for Breitbart News, I introduced readers to “stream ripping”- applications and websites that allow users to download songs (for free) from music streaming sites like YouTube. The article followed the success of USA for Africa’s famed song “We Are The World” and explained how stream ripping was having an enormously negative effect on the business of selling music. The story highlighted one of the world’s most highly trafficked stream ripping sites,, and showed how the site and Google were profiting from the practice:

“After a short visit to, ‘We Are The World’ can be downloaded for free. USA for Africa receives nothing. But Google gets its cut of the advertising.”

Well, it appears the entire music industry took notice. On Monday, all three major record labels sued and its creator, Philip Matesanz, for copyright infringement and for profiting from stream ripping through digital advertising. YouTube and Google are not a party to the litigation. However, the lawsuit could turn out to be as big as any of the landmark cases in the music industry, both because it could test legal precedence and because the website’s creator is a fighter who has presumably pocketed a sizable fortune from advertising for the purpose of fighting potential litigation.

A major battle over the future of the music business is brewing.

Read about the lawsuit here.

This issue of stream ripping laid dormant for years, but it took my story to get the media to cover it. Yes, I’m taking a victory lap.

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