“Patrick Courrielche represents the true spirit of ‘speaking truth to power.’”
– Andrew Breitbart, Founder of Breitbart News, to Pulitzer Prize Board

“A brilliant thinker, investigator, and writer.”
Michelle Malkin, Author, FoxNews Contributor, and CRTV host

“I can’t tell if you’re being cleverly idiotic or just idiotic.”
Jake Tapper, CNN Host

“the parent of pop-up [retail]”
real estate titan CBRE’s industry magazine, IN_retail

Few have scalped a White House appointee. Or killed a website with 400 million visitors a month. Or pioneered a marketing technique that swept the globe. Or manipulated the media into fawning over an odd, boxy car. But writer, marketer, and former physicist, Patrick Courrielche, can claim all the above.

While working as an aerospace engineer for a U.S. military contractor, Patrick was frustrated. “At times I felt like I was living the boring side of the old TV show Get Smart. I had a security clearance and would show up to a nondescript, windowless office ready to present to medal adorned military officials, sometimes underground. But I wasn’t seeing the world.” Wanting for something else, one weekend Patrick tested an idea that started an international marketing phenomenon – pop-up retail. He left aerospace to produce pop-ups for Levi-Strauss, AT&T, & Motorola – eventually launching a marketing agency with his future wife. He led the national publicity for a new Toyota nameplate that AdAge highlighted as “the most successful automotive brand launch in the history of the auto industry of North America.” He produced over 5,000 events and created several award-winning documentaries, one starring Questlove from The Tonight Show that aired on MTV Networks.

Through his work, Patrick began forming a hypothesis on how some ideas, messages, & products explode into popularity while others fade into oblivion, when he stumbled upon an opportunity to test his theory against one of the most powerful organizations on Earth – the White House. He published a series of articles with the then fledgling Breitbart News about a troubling Administration initiative, eventually forcing the Oval Office to issue new federal guidelines – with a White House appointee resigning in the process. Andrew Breitbart would sponsor Patrick for a Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting, labeling him a “maverick citizen journalist” in his New York Times bestseller Righteous Indignation.

Since then, Patrick has stayed busy. His short story about the Climategate scandal was called a “superb and profound piece of investigative journalism” by the UK Telegraph. He created, produced, & co-wrote a widely heralded web series starring comedians Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Andy Samberg, & Jamie Kennedy. The semi-scripted global warming debates garnered press accolades from Variety, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sundance Channel, People Magazine, Fox News and others. His investigation into a massive copyright infringement trend led to an international lawsuit and the eventual death of the world’s largest “music piracy” site. Patrick also launched global communication campaigns for Lexus, including creating a brand gallery launching in early 2018. He also launched a long-form journalism platform for Breitbart News with the publication of “Tinseltown Travelogue”. The audio documentary that accompanied the article was broadcast by SiriusXM as a two-hour special. In addition to Breitbart News, he has been published by The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Caller, Reason Magazine, Digital Music News, and FoxNews.com.

Patrick graduated from UCLA with a Master of Science in applied physics and is married to marketing strategist, & writer Adryana Cortez.