An Overview of the NEA Story

On August 10, 2009, I participated in a conference call, organized by the White House and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and hosted by a wide array of national media outlets, that was billed as a call to action to help with the President’s agenda. Almost 100 people participated, including representatives of the White House and […]

Fox Business: “Gasparino: Right Wing Using Whitney Call to Advance Agenda”

“It’s not just me,” was Charles Gasparino’s response to erroneously claiming that Meredith Whitney’s call was that 50 to 100 municipal defaults would occur over the course of one year. He still hasn’t presented a quote to back up his claim. Here is the exchange he didn’t have with me…but with the venerable Tim Cavanaugh […]

Huffington Post: The Right Picks Up Meredith Whitney’s Frayed Banner

Charles Gasparino uses 1285 words to rebut my challenge, yet still produces no evidence backing his seemingly false reporting. Hopefully he issues a retraction rather than resort to name calling…I typically enjoy his reporting but will question future reports if a retraction doesn’t come. You can read his rebut here.

Reason: Is your town about to go bankrupt?

Tim Cavanaugh of Reason writes a great piece supporting my position regarding Charles Gasparino’s false claim that Meredith Whitney’s call included that 50 to 100 municipal defaults would all occcur within one year. Read the article here.

BigJournalism: 10 Most Underreported Stories of 2010

Check out Dana Loesch’s 10 most under reported stories of 2010. She gives a shout out to my Peer-to-Peer Review article written about Climategate. Click here for her list.