An Overview of the NEA Story

On August 10, 2009, I participated in a conference call, organized by the White House and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and hosted by a wide array of national media outlets, that was billed as a call to action to help with the President’s agenda. Almost 100 people participated, including representatives of the White House and […]

How Hollywood Conservatives Are Gay

Hollywood conservatives and the gay community are more alike than they may care to admit. By: Patrick Courrielche Published @ BigHollywood Not long ago, my wife and I had a dinner meeting with two business colleagues. To call it a dinner is actually a bit of a stretch. It was a tasting of appetizers for […]

Steppin’ Ain’t for Everybody

How racial unity got in the way of racial unity By Patrick Courrielche (Note: Also published on the It happened on February 20, 2010. After a hard fought national battle, funded by one of the world’s biggest advertisers, a unique tournament entered the finale with only twelve teams out of ninety-two left standing. The […]

Poetry, the First Lady, and mending the divide

Note: Also published on BigHollywood. By Patrick Courrielche Michelle Obama has been under fire for inviting rapper Common to a poetry event at the White House scheduled for today. His reference to burning President Bush, and expressed dislike of interracial couples in interviews and lyrics has many frowning that he might not have been the […]

Attention Paulites – There are other 2012 ‘Liberty Messengers’

Published with the Daily Caller – 04/25/11 By: Patrick Courrielche Over the past half century, the presidential nominating process has slowly evolved to serve two purposes for candidates – to vet their potential electability…and sell stuff. The possibility of Donald Trump using the season finale of The Apprentice to make a big presidential announcement highlights […]